Demonstration in Times Square Marks Breonna Taylor’s Death Anniversary

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Artwork pays tribute to Breonna Taylor in Times Square.
Donna Aceto

Advocates flocked to Times Square on Saturday, March 13 to pay tribute to Breonna Taylor one year after she was murdered in her home by a police officer.

Demonstrators rallied and held a die-in during one of multiple demonstrations that took place across the city and the nation one year to the day after officers barged into Taylor’s home and shot her to death. Earlier this month, a judge in Kentucky permanently closed any possibility of criminal charges against the officers involved in the case.

Some demonstrators donned masks that read “Justice for Breonna Taylor,” while others held signs with affirming messages such as “Black Women Matter.” Among the speakers included Qween Jean, who is the out trans co-founder of the weekly “Stonewall Protests.”

Demonstrations took place from coast to coast, with protestors marching in cities ranging from Los Angeles to Louisville, where the late 26-year-old resided. Taylor’s mother, Tamika Parker, marched with advocates there.

Jay W. Walker and Mike Hisey hold a banner denouncing police violence.Donna Aceto
With a painting of Breonna Taylor by her side, Qween Jean speaks to the crowd.Donna Aceto
Sam, an 18-year-old who has been organizing since age 15, called for a die-in.Donna Aceto
Advocates participate in a die-in to remember the life of Breonna Taylor and protest police brutality.Donna Aceto
Breonna Taylor’s death contributed a to a pattern of injustice facing Black women in America.Donna Aceto
Breonna Taylor’s legacy lives on in different forms — including masks during the COVID era.Donna Aceto
One year later, a reminder to say the names of those lost to violence — including Black transgender women like Nina Pop.Donna Aceto