Pride in Pics: The Winners Are In

pix win Elektra Pride

First place: “Elektra Pride” by Lamont.

For the first time, Gay City News asked readers to share their photos from Pride events around town during the month of June and also to vote on their favorites from the photos submitted.

We’re now proud to announce the winners.

First place, which earns the winner an iPad Mini and a bottle of Absolut Vodka, goes to “Elektra Pride,” submitted by Lamont.

The runners up, who win an Absolut Vodka Pride gift basket, are “I Do! I Do!,” submitted by Ryan Palsrok, and “High Pride!,” submitted by Lamont.

Tied for third place: "I Do, I Do," by Lamont.

“I Do, I Do,” by Ryan Palsrok.

Our congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who participated.

Tied for third place: "High Pride" by

“High Pride” by Lamont.