Milo Yiannopoulos Is a Bore

BY ED SIKOV | I’m embarrassed to devote column inches to Milo Yiannopoulos, the racist gay tech editor for But he’s been in the news lately and this is a media column and, well, I feel a certain obligation.

In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid encountering his entirely predictable attention-grabbing stunts, Yiannopoulos is a professional Internet troll who was recently banned from Twitter after a sustained barrage of nasty, debasing personal attacks on Leslie Jones, the African-American “Saturday Night Live” and “Ghostbusters” star. Yiannopoulos specializes in meeting expectations. He’s the new Ann Coulter, only he really is male. He’s just a publicity hound, sniffing at the shitty ass of a gullible public.

Just when you think Yiannopoulos couldn’t sink any lower in his never-ending pursuit of outrage, he comes up with something new — or better, seemingly new, because in all cases his attempts to self-aggrandize by way of seizing on some supposed scandal not only work but work in the most mechanical and obvious way possible.


In January, for example, he launched the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant, a charity which, of course, he named for himself and is designed to help underprivileged white guys pay for college — because black people have all the luck and support, you know. Your basic, garden-variety stooge might believe in this principle, but it takes a real asshole to go ahead and put it into action. The fund turned out to be grossly mismanaged, but Yiannopoulos turned the negative publicity to his advantage; responding to a claim that he’d spent $250,000 of the fund’s funds on drugs, he said, “I only wish I could get that much up my nose.” Ho, ho, how droll.

Of course Yiannopoulos is a Trumpie. And of course he’s a white supremacist.

As’s Michelle Goldberg writes, “In March, Breitbart published ‘An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right,’ by Yiannopoulos and Allum Bokhari. ‘Just as the kids of the 60s shocked their parents with promiscuity, long hair, and rock’n’roll, so too do the alt-right’s young meme brigades shock older generations with outrageous caricatures, from the Jewish “Shlomo Shekelburg” to “Remove Kebab,” an Internet in-joke about the Bosnian genocide,’ they wrote. ‘Are they actually bigots? No more than death metal devotees in the 80s were actually Satanists.’ When Britain voted to leave the European Union, Yiannopoulos tweeted, ‘Sorry about it (((Soros))),’ accompanied by a photo of a little blond girl. He was referring to the liberal financier George Soros, and the triple parentheses are the alt-right symbol for Jew. This was apparently arch, ironic anti-Semitism, not the vulgar earnest kind.”

But his ironies are themselves ironic; they cancel each other out. In other words, he really is a bigot.

Nevertheless, Kristen V. Brown, of, is smitten: “Perhaps the most shocking thing about Milo Yiannopoulos is that he is utterly charming. Online, the 31-year-old conservative Breitbart columnist is the sort of frustrating troll who, for instance, might declare his birthday World Patriarchy Day, suggest Donald Trump is ‘blacker’ than Barack Obama, or, although he is gay himself, assert that gay rights have ‘made us dumber.’ He was recently booted from a demonstration against sexual violence in Los Angeles after showing up with a sign that read ‘“Rape culture” and Harry Potter. Both fantasy.’ A dedicated contrarian, Yiannopoulos seems to delight in making enemies. But in real life — in spite of all this, or, perhaps, because of it — Yiannopoulos is disarmingly likeable. After all, you don’t amass 85,000 Twitter followers, become the conservative torch-bearer in a gaming industry civil war, attract a cult following among young, Internet-savvy men, and become a figurehead of the Men’s Rights movement without knowing a little something about exploiting the human psyche.”

Yeah, that and the fact that there’s a sucker born every minute.

The jizz on the cake is Yiannopoulos’ widely self-publicized taste for black cock.

“I keep getting accused of being a white supremacist. But if that’s the case, I must be the first black-dick-sucking white supremacist in history,” he has said.

But of course that’s inane. Leni Riefenstahl, the Nazi filmmaker and photographer, may not have actually sucked off the men of the Nuba tribe she fetishized in her book “Die Nuba,” but she certainly eroticized them. Some Nazis fetishized Jews, some misogynists fetishize women, and some white supremacists get off on sucking black cock. It’s all just so calculating.

Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e? Via Towleroad comes this delightful nugget: “A Georgia pastor who said that the victims of the Orlando massacre ‘got what they deserved’ has been arrested for child molestation of a young male who attended his church.” If it weren’t for the fact that a real person was — ahem, allegedly — molested, this item would bring unadulterated joy to my heart.

Towleroad continues: “Ken Adkins, 56, also fought against expanding non-discrimination protections to LGBT people in Jacksonville, Florida.”

Of course he did. There is nothing more delightful than a self-righteous preacher exposed.

Towleroad’s source was, which (you should pardon the expression) fleshed out the details: “One of the two charges against the 56-year-old is aggravated child molestation, said Stacy Carson, special agent in charge of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Kingsland office. District Attorney Jackie Johnson asked the GBI on Aug. 12 to assist the Brunswick Police Department in an investigation of an accusation of child molestation against Adkins, Carson said. The investigation focused on suspected molestation in several locations in the Brunswick area including at Adkins’ church, a vehicle, and a victim’s home, Carson said. The investigation is ongoing. Lawyer Kevin Gough told the Times-Union he is representing Adkins and believes the accusations are said to have occurred in 2010. He said Adkins had willingly turned himself in.”

Oh, that’s nice. The good pastor didn’t have to be frogmarched out of the church clamping a Bible in his jaws.

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