Starting the Year Back on Crackpot Alley

We haven’t taken a stroll down Crackpot Alley in quite a while. So let’s go for a walk!

Guess who the first person we see is? Yes, that’s him, leaning against the decrepit wall of a clown-themed gay bar. It’s the three-time winner of the “World’s Greatest Asshole” contest, Milo Yiannopoulos. We’d hoped we’d seen the last of Milo when he lost a $250,000 book deal after a video surfaced appearing to show him coming out in favor of child sex abuse. But no — he’s back! Why? Because he’s the keynote speaker at a meeting funded by Hungary, which is currently ruled by Viktor Orbán and his far-right political party, Fidesz.

In an article for Al Jazeera, Creede Newton writes of Milo, “He once told a radio host that if Australians allowed 12,000 Syrian refugees to stay in their country, it would result in their ‘daughters being raped.’” This sort of thing can’t possibly go over too well at Al Jazeera, which is of course headquartered in the Islamic nation of Qatar. Newton goes on to quote Cas Mudde, an expert in far-right political parties in Eastern Europe: “The inclusion of Milo is impossible to understand, as he is a flamboyant, openly gay internet troll, whereas Fidesz tries to sell itself as a conservative, pro-family values party.” Newton also quotes Scott Long, a human rights activist focused on LGBTQ rights, who tweeted: “Neofascist Viktor Orbán enlists gay fascist Milo Yiannopoulos to keynote a conference… The horrors never stop.”

PERSPECTIVE: Media Circus, a social app and website for gay men, offers Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo’s year-end wrap up of things you should know in order to not look dumb at brunch. Leading their list is this:

“It turns out shit does stink. Ex-Breitbart and ex-Trump darling Milo Yiannopoulos’ book deal for ‘Dangerous’ with Simon & Schuster was canceled. Yiannopoulos in turn decided to sue the book publisher for $10 million (LOL), which has bestowed a gift upon us all: The lawsuit has unearthed the editor’s notes on the Milo book manuscript, and the only thing ‘dangerous’ about the book was how dangerously close it comes to being a laughing stock. Simon & Schuster called the Milo book ‘unpublishable.’”

And in Hornet’s own version of Crackpot Alley, “Whackjob of the Week,” we meet a real nutcase: “If we hear about the Bible-supporting murder of gays one more time, we’re gonna scream. This time it’s GOP (surprise!) candidate for Texas governor Larry ‘Secede’ Kilgore. (Yup, for a time he allegedly changed his middle name to that.) He has since deleted the Facebook post expressing his support for executing ‘a convicted adulterer, sodomite or bestialiter.’” So that’s what they’re called. It’s been bothering me for quite some time.

And who is that, lying in the gutter face down in his own vomit? Why it’s Roy Moore, who is quite possibly the world’s worst human being. As Craig Ford writes in an Associated Press article, “Angi Horn Stalnaker, a Republican strategist who ran previous campaigns against Moore, said it should not come as a surprise that Moore is not following the standard post-election script of conceding a loss and wishing his opponent well. Moore previously blamed his two ousters from the court on those he said didn’t like his push to ‘acknowledge God’ with a Ten Commandments monument and a ‘politically motivated effort by radical homosexual and transgender groups,’ who targeted him because of what he called his ‘outspoken opposition to their immoral agenda.’ ‘His whole shtick relies on martyrdom,’ Stalnaker said. ‘The big fat Republican establishment joined up with the big fat hippy dippy liberals, and “Once again look at me, crucified on the cross.”’”

Gee, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Moving further down the block, we find Bob Unruh of the crank website, who writes, “Three judges on the Oregon Court of Appeals on Thursday affirmed a penalty of $135,000 for a bakery whose owners refused to violate their Christian faith and promote lesbianism by providing a cake for two ‘brides.’ [Note the quotes — they’re not really brides in Unruh’s estimation.] The fine was a death penalty for the bakery, forcing it out of business. The Oregon judges, Joel DeVore, Chris Garrett, and Bronson James, also determined that in today’s America, quoting the Bible can cause ‘emotional harm’ to same-sex duos… The judges concluded it was a legitimate duty of the state to force Christians to promote same-sex duos.”

The two brides, by the way, are Christian.

The British website offers up our last visitor to — no — make that resident of Crackpot Alley, because in his case it sounds more like a permanent address: “Labour suspended Jared O’Mara MP in October after he allegedly referred to gay people as ‘fudge packers’ and ‘poofters,’ also alluding to anal sex as ‘driving up the Marmite Motorway.”

Those crazy Brits! Everyone knows it’s the Hershey Highway!

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