Women’s Marches Held In Response to Barrett Nomination

womens march Handmaids
Handmaids emphasize the threat to reproductive freedom from a Justice Amy Coney Barrett and a second Trump term.
Donna Aceto

In the final days of a presidential election campaign Americans have looked forward to since January 20, 2017, Women’s Marches, first held on the day after Donald Trump inauguration, were staged again this past weekend in cities across the US.

The GOP scramble to confirm a Supreme Court justice days ahead of a presidential election — after refusing to consider an appointment by President Barack Obama 10 months before the 2016 election — was a theme of the march.Donna Aceto

On Saturday, October 17, roughly 2,500 women and their allies gathered in Washington for a march that traveled past both the White House and the Supreme Court as Republicans in the US Senate were rushing to confirm a sixth conservative judge in the wake of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death in September.

Marchers pointed to the Republicans’ habitual intrusion into the personal health decisions made by women.Donna Aceto

An Antonin Scalia-style “originalist” conservative, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who Trump appointed to the Chicago-based Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals several years ago, has not only voiced opposition to LGBTQ rights but is widely viewed as someone who could likely be the decisive vote in either overturning or severely curbing reproductive freedom in place since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Women also pointed to the racism of the president and his policies.Donna Aceto
The specific threat posed by Amy Coney Barrett was highlighted.Donna Aceto
Amy Coney Barrett’s face was projected onto a Trump Rat that is a common sight at anti-administration protests.Donna Aceto
George De Castro Da, the official keeper of the Trump Rat, folds him up as an anti-Barrett image is projected onto the side of a Washington building.Donna Aceto
Projection artist Robin Bell.Donna Aceto
New Yorker Dana Harary-Cotton posts her opposition to Barrett on the fence that now closes off Lafayette Park outside the White House.Donna Aceto
The Trump White House, until January 2017 the People’s House, is now a fenced-off fortress.Donna Aceto
A message that brings the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to mind.Donna Aceto

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