White Men A Minority Among House Dem Candidates

We’ve read how record numbers of LGBTQ people are running for office on November 6 — including the Democratic nominees for governor in Texas (Lupe Valdez), Colorado (Congressmember Jared Polis), and Oregon (incumbent Kate Brown) and for the US Senate from Wisconsin (incumbent Tammy Baldwin) and Arizona (Congressmember Kyrsten Sinema).

Now Politico reports that white men constitute the minority of Democratic candidates for the US House. There are 180 women nominated so far — breaking the previous record of 120 — and 133 people of color. Republicans have nominated 52 women — also a record for the party but lagging far behind Democrats.

“These grassroots candidates came out of non-political, non-traditional networks, meaning that they’re running very different kinds of campaigns than we’ve ever seen,” Democratic consultant Martha McKenna told Politico.