Top International News, In Brief

The crackdown on LGBTQ people in Tanzania has led the World Bank to suspend all staff travel there. Men recently arrested for being part of a “gay marriage” there are facing anal exams.

Anal tests are also popular with Tunisian authorities, who are also launching a crackdown on gay people, including the mining of personal data for “evidence” of homosexuality.

In Thailand, a civil partnership bill is working its way through Parliament.

In West Sumatra, 30,000 marched to criminalize gay sex in Indonesia. A local mayor referred to homosexuality as a “virus” that had to be stopped.

Scotland is moving to formally integrate LGBTQ and intersex issues into school curricula at all age levels. Included will be the teaching of terminology and identities. Lessons will also address homophobia and LGBTQ and intersex history.

In Switzerland, a parliamentary committee advanced a bill to make anti-LGBTQ discrimination punishable by up to three years in prison or a fine — in line with other protections. The Swiss still don’t recognize same-sex marriage, but do have civil partnerships.