February 5, 2014

To the Editor:

I agree and would add my name to the list (“LGBTQ Leaders, Allies Call on Mayor to Ban Uniformed City Personnel in Discriminatory St. Pat’s Parade,” Open Letter, posted online Feb. 3). What is also of historical interest is that though the Salute to Israel Parade also would not allow any LGBT banners or signs when Congregation Beit Simchat Torah asked to march over 20 years ago, eventually the parade organizers “evolved” and last year there were two LGBT groups, with banners, T-shirts, and signs. Pressure must be put on these organizers to be consistent. If they think that banners and dress are part of their message, then city uniforms are a message. Off-duty police officers should be able to march if they want, but not in uniform while representing views that are contrary to the New York City Human Rights Law. Let them walk in civilian clothes. The City Council should pass a law that city uniforms should only be used in parades that respect the city’s Human Rights Law.

Rick Landman, Esq.



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