Shakespeare As We Like Him

Shakespeare As We Like Him

Sir Peter Hall directs “As You Like It” at BAM with a distinctively homoerotic edge

Brian F. O’Byrne is wonderful as Father Flynn, a very human priest and no match for the fury of Sister Aloysius. He represents the compassion that the zealots would kill but which is required in the temporal world. Heather Goldenhersch delivers a subtle and multi-layered performance as Sister James, and Adriane Lenox is extraordinary as Mrs. Muller, the mother of the boy Sister Aloysius thinks has been abused.

As he did in “Frozen” last season, director Doug Hughes goes for the soul of each character, drawing fine performances out of each actor and sustaining a tension throughout the piece that is at times nearly unbearable. But that’s what happens when you watch someone who places themselves beyond doubt, beyond reproach and beyond question by taking on God’s role as judge and crusader.


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