Rock Out With Your…Oh, Never Mind

Rock Out With Your…Oh, Never Mind

Bad Girl Gina Gershon blew threw NYC in a whirlwind blitz of publicity to promo her new, weekly IFC series “Rocked” which debuts this Friday at 10:30pm.  Monday was a flurry of interviews at the eerie, airless IFC offices before repairing to her brother’s house for a Seder meal.  Tuesday saw her taking the stage of the Cutting Room with her band.

The series—a vanity move that would make even Pia Zadora blush—purports to follow Ms. Gershon on the road as she tours with the band concocted to promote her Rock-n-Roll movie which never really “went,” as they say.  Are you still with me?  The ladies are, I’m sure, but even they prove a bit antsy with Ms. Gershon’s tiresome “Is she or isn’t she?” posturing throughout the series.

“They never really say that to me,” Ms. Gershon claims of all the ‘shit or get off the pot’ comments comprising episode two, “But I didn’t really see that footage until I was in the editing room.  It’s funny—I really had to separate myself when we were editing it.  In my head, I wanted to make a documentary so I felt I had to disassociate myself.

They’ve been a really good fan base to me so I love that.”

On her unique idea of keeping her private life out of a documentary, especially in today’s reality-crazed market, Ms. Gershon is more blunt.  “IFC will do what I want to do.  That’s part of the deal.  I have the final cut of what’s being shown.  I made it very clear from day one.  I said, this is by no means a reality show and if that’s what you want, let’s not do it.”

—Tony Phillips

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