Revry Offers Free Queer Movies for Women’s History Month

Comedian Margaret Cho performs at the 2019 World Pride NYC and Stonewall 50th LGBTQ Pride Closing Ceremony in Times Square in New York
Comedian Margaret Cho is one of many queer women to watch during Women’s History Month.

In honor of Women’s History Month, the queer women-led cinema platform Revry is offering viewers a diverse slate of films with women serving as lead characters.

The streaming service curates free LGBTQ TV shows, movies, news, series, and music. Revry’s Co-founder, Alia J. Daniels, says one of the platform’s main goals is to uplift and support women in media.

“As a company that is co-founded by two women of color, we have always made sure that we’ve highlighted and honored queer women as a part of our mission,” Daniels said. “This March, we are excited to particularly highlight titles on Revry that honor the experience of Queer women, including and especially our trans sisters who for far too long haven’t received their full shine during these moments.”

Below we have a roundup of some of the films and shows available for viewers this month via Revry.

Convince Me

Out lesbian and biracial Youtube star Amber Whittington is interviewing changemakers to help the public understand the voting process. The series explores why people are hesitant to vote while encouraging others to head to the polls. WATCH HERE.

Cameron Esposito: Marriage Material

Queer comedian and actress Cameron Esposito is letting fans in on everything from her views on gun control to jokes about women’s locker rooms. WATCH HERE.

Pot Luck

As New Zealand’s first lesbian web series, Pot Luck shows three friends’ quest for love during their weekly potluck dinners. This international comedy series uses food to explore friendship, family, and romance. WATCH HERE.

Seeking Dolly Parton

This romantic comedy has less to do with the Queen of country music and dives more into a complicated relationship between a lesbian couple and an ex-boyfriend who is a live-in sperm donor. WATCH HERE.

Margaret Cho: Psycho

Out bisexual comedian Margaret Cho brings viewers another laughter-filled comedy special focused on her sexuality, women’s rights, and even more sensitive topics such as racism and Boko Haram. WATCH HERE.

Mila Jam

This film takes a look at Mila Jam, a trans New Yorker who rose to fame via YouTube. She became a pop recording artist who went on tour with Broadway’s “Rent” and appeared on TV shows like “The Lilly Allen Show” on BBC. WATCH HERE.

The Rise of Eve

The Rise of Eve takes a global look at misogyny and sexism through debates, news, music, social media, personal, and group discussions. WATCH HERE.

Her Story

Two transgender women in Los Angeles express frustration about their love lives, but all of that changes when they meet individuals who give them some hope. Violet meets Allie, a reporter, while Paige meets James. “Her Story” provides a glimpse into the unique experiences of queer women. WATCH HERE.

Why Can’t I Be Me? Around You

Drag racer Rusty Tidenberg comes out as trans in this eight-year journey filmed by Harrod Blank. WATCH HERE.

Missed Connections

After two people meet at a festival, they realize they never exchanged contact information. This film follows them as they search for one another — but along the way, they navigate their careers and society’s expectations of them as Black trans women. WATCH HERE.
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