December 4, 2013

To the Editor:

Thank you for this very sweet, nostalgic story, seeing J.F.K.'s killing from the eyes of a nine-year-old (“That Sad Thanksgiving,” by Paul Schindler, Nov. 27). I was 16 that year and a senior at Savannah High School. It was the year that my high school, the largest high school in the state of Georgia, was integrated. When the news came on, some kids cheered — but others were deeply moved. My favorite teacher was a Yankee and a Catholic, raised in upstate New York. I will never forget her breaking down at the window of her classroom as the two of us watched the flag in front of the school being lowered to half mast.

Perry Brass


The writer is author of “King of Angels,” a coming of age novel set in Savannah in 1963.


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