Raising Funds in the Sun

On July 3, at its annual “Dance on the Bay” fund-raiser in the Fire Island Pines, New York’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center hosted a gala that drew a large crowd of donors who enjoyed crystal-clear summer skies and lively entertainment. Proceeds from the event will help the Center keep its doors open for the innumerable LGBT groups and services—including gay and lesbian parents, 12-Step recovery meetings, important political town hall meetings and a drop-in clinic for health care referrals—that daily utilize the West 13th Street building. To learn more about the Center’s facilities and the services it provides, visit gaycenter.org or call 212-620-7310. As the summer sun began to set, revelers packed the veranda at the LGBT Community Center’s annual “Dance on the Bay.” On the right, two hunks are about to enjoy a beverage before they dunk. (Matt Chapin, photos)



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