Mobilizing to End the War in Iraq

Peace groups will rally on the Washington Mall in the nation’s capital on Saturday, September 24 and then march for to end the war in Iraq. Organizers expect the participation of a hundred thousand people or more.

Bill Dobbs, a United for Peace and Justice spokesman, the lead New York City organizer, said, “There is an increasing number of people raising their voice to say loudly and clearly: bring the troops home.”

Dobbs pointed to several key factors working against Bush administration policy in Iraq—polls showing increased public dissatisfaction with the war, Great Britain’s Downing Street Memo that proved that Pres. George Bush had made a decision to go to war months before mounting a public campaign against curtailing Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction program and growing Congressional criticism of the war from members of both parties.

The rally and march are one of a series of events that will be held in Washington over that weekend and continuing into the following Monday.

On Saturday and Sunday, at an “anti-war fair,” leaflets, how-to guides, activist toolkits, and other resources will be offered. Knowledgeable organizers involved in everything from counter-recruitment work, to faith-based organizing, to immigrant rights and civil liberties will be available.

Clergy and Laity Concerned about Iraq will sponsor an interfaith service on Sunday.

Citizens will lobby federal lawmakers on Monday, September 26, when acts of civil disobedience are also planned

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