Marvel Comics to roll out series of Pride covers in June

Marvel Comics' Pride Month collection includes a "Captain America" cover.
Marvel Comics’ Pride Month collection includes a “Captain America” cover.
Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is leaning into Pride Month this year with a series of Pride-oriented covers highlighting LGBTQ heroes.

The "Daredevil" cover debuts on June 26.
The “Daredevil” cover debuts on June 26.Marvel Comics

Eight covers will roll out throughout the month of June — beginning on June 5 and continuing through June 26 — and each one will showcase different Marvel characters.

Artists Betsy Cola and Davi Go created the covers specifically for the project, which represents Marvel’s latest work to commemorate Pride. In 2021, for example, Marvel Comics used Pride Month to introduce Aaron Fischer, a gay teen character known as “Captain America of the Railways” and who joined the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, in “The United States of Captain America.”

This year, the characters will include America Chavez from “Thunderbolts,” Angela from “Immortal Thor,” and Black Cat from “Jackpot and Black Cat,” in addition to “Hercules,” “Lightning, “Rachel Summers,” and more.

The debut cover on June 5 will focus on “X-Men,” while the second release on June 12 will feature two covers showcasing the “Incredible Hulk” and “Scarlet Witch.” On June 19, Marvel will release three more Pride month covers — “Amazing Spider-Man,” “Captain America,” and “Immortal Thor.” The final release on June 26 will feature “Daredevil” and “Jackpot and Black Cat.”