November 28, 2005

To the Editor:

Either Brendan Keane read my mind or I read his, but I’ve tried to do exactly what Keane prescribes at savegaylife.com, my new HIV prevention Web site (“The Messenger Failed Us, Nov. 24-30).

In telling my own safe and unsafe sex stories, I’m as blunt as I can be about my own motivations, rationalizations, and assorted bullshit, as well as the targeted vulnerabilities of guys I “played” into giving me unprotected anal—unfortunately, I was far too adept at negotiating unsafe sex.

Maybe it’s an age thing that I was inspired to action by Kramer’s speech and Keane was disappointed by it, but I do know that Larry Kramer chooses his words more for the sake of provocation than accuracy. When Kramer throws around words like “murder,” he is trying to cut violently through the moral ambiguity—i.e. bullshit—that drives the epidemic.

Joe Woodley



December 3, 2005

To the Editor:

Aloha, friends. We take exception, indeed we take umbrage at the peculiar article offered by Emmaia Gelman in which she discusses gay and lesbian people who she describes as “Marriage Gays” who are, in her opinion, looking for the wrong things in the wrong places in their pursuit of equal treatment before the law (“Rebuilding Queer Community, Beyond Marriage,” Dec. 1-7). She would seem to wish to organize her life differently—there is no wish on our side of the aisle to compel her to marry. Her problem is, perhaps, with her mother who wishes to see her marry. We have no such wish. What we do wish for is that she be free to marry or not as she sees fit.

In short, freedom of choice in the matter, a choice which is denied to us.

Ward Stewart

George Vye

50 years together, yet strangers before the law

Honolulu, Hawaii


December 2, 2005

To the Editor:

Regarding “A Gay Catholic’s Response to the Vatican,” by Michael Colosi, Google turned up this article for me. As a burned-out Catholic—heterosexual, female, divorced—this article brought me much solace and hope.

Please thank Michael for his compassion and forthright, intelligent statement and assessment. He speaks for more than just the gay community. He speaks for an intelligent, faith-filled, and loving humanity. What was that Christ said about the least among us being the greatest…? Thank God for this man’s embrace.

Estelle Humenay

Chelsea, Michigan


December 3, 2005

To the Editor:

I loved seeing Hannah Seligson’s article on Soce the Elemental Wizard, aka Andrew Singer (Gay, Jewish, Ivy, Hip Hop Homo, Dec. 1-7). I did have a correction to point out, however –

Hannah references “Hip-Hop Homos” as a feature film, but it was actually a student short. The first feature-length documentary film on queer hip hop is “Pick Up the Mic,” directed by Alex Hinton, which premiered to great acclaim at Toronto’s International Film Festival in September.

The film’s site features the many artists showcased in the film, and there are currently discussions with distributors following its Toronto debut.

A minor point, but worth mentioning, as Soce himself actually appears in “Pick Up the Mic.”

Thanks Hannah!

Alan Skinner



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