Letters to the Editor

The Problem With Tina

December 31, 2006

To the Editor:

I wanted to believe for a while that crystal was a problem very different from HIV transmission, even though I know the two are related (“Don't Say No Exit,” by Christopher Murray, Dec. 28-Jan. 3). I thought that a crystal problem was contained to the user.

But that is not true-it destroys not only the user but touches every person in the user's life. Right down to the very core of his or her life, it impacts everyone in their world.

It even shakes up those former users who have recovered to see it being used in the community around them. It is therefore insidious and evil… and almost viral.

Suicide is ugly enough, but the long, drawn out nature of suicide by crystal is especially ugly because it takes so many others down too.

P. Calvier

Sur Provence, France