The Erotic Art Fair

May 28, 2004

To the Editor:

Thanks may not be appropriate, but I feel compelled to extend my gratitude nonetheless.Your article (“Tom’s Legacy Legitimizes Erotica,” by Nicholas Boston, May 27-June 2) reviewing my work at the Tom of Finland show is right on target!

It is most rewarding to see an accurate understanding of my work in text.

You hit the nail on the head, particularly in commenting about the racist reading of Mapplethorpe’s mode of visual representation.This is a context not to be associated with my art.

You obviously understand. Again, many thanks.

J.D. Dragan


The Wedding March Success

June 2, 2004

To the Editor:

The Wedding March over the Brooklyn Bridge, which took place Sunday, May 23, was a big success for our community. (“Thousands Turn Out for Marriage,” by Andy Humm, May 27-June 2) It was also a big success for my organization, which organized it, Marriage Equality New York.

The crowd of two to three thousand exhibited an upbeat tone, not angry, even though anger at being denied our civil right to marriage would be more than justifiable. I think our community showed and continues to show the most profound kind of strength and spirit, refusing to be tempted down into the pit of anger dug for us by our enemies.

The Wedding March also reaffirmed the power of grass roots organizing on marriage. This was a community-wide effort, with over 150 other LGBT organizations lending their support. It was fascinating to see how we have all come together on this issue.

I am also mindful, even though the Wedding March was a huge success (in fact, the largest pro-marriage demonstration in state history), that we did not have the numbers of the recent anti-marriage demonstration in the Bronx organized by Ruben Diaz Sr. It’s true that he bused in much of his crowd from as far away as D.C. But I think we have to get those bigger numbers out on the streets, if we’re going to continue to make progress in New York. So keep marching!

Dave Thompson

Co-Chair of Marriage Equality NY

Editor’s Note: Dave Thompson was generous in so deftly making a point that should have been made more clear in our reporting—that Marriage Equality NY took the lead in organizing what was an impressive show of support for equal marriage rights.


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