Reagan and Freedom

June 26, 2004

To the Editor:

I personally find Ronald Reagan a great historical figure who was instrumental in bringing about the downfall of communism and, thus, freeing millions of oppressed homosexuals living inside the Soviet bloc (“Once Silent, Now Dead,” by Joe Dignan, other Gay City News writers, June 10-16). Of course, this was hardly Reagan’s purpose in facing down communism, but it was a positive consequence nonetheless. I don’t recall German Chancellor Helmut Kohl standing in front of the Berlin Wall and daring the Soviet communists to “tear down this wall!” It was Reagan who did it, and because he did, gays living under the iron fist of communism owe him gratitude.

For those of us who grew up inside the Soviet bloc, we know what true oppression is like—it’s almost comical to hear Americans talk about being oppressed under Reagan. Did he stick people in gulags or execute them? I think not. Reagan, who forced the rational world to acknowledge the horror of communism, saved human lives. It’s only the selfish, arrogant, western homosexuals who fail to acknowledge this bit of history.

M. Sokslowski



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