Latin Festival runs August 11-23

Latin Festival runs August 11-23

Among the feature-length gay films are:

“Amor en concreto”

(“Love in Concrete”)

New York premiere


Directed by Franco de Peña

Aug. 13, 15

“Amores circulares”

(“Circular Loves”)

New York premiere


Directed by César Vallejo

Aug. 13

“Dias de boda”

(“Wedding Days”)

New York premiere


Directed by Juan Pinzás

Aug. 20, 22

“El favor”

(“The Favor”)

New York premiere


Directed by Pablo Sofovich

Aug. 18, 22

“Juchitan Queer


Canada/ Mexico

Directed by Patricio Henriquez

Aug. 18

“La rosa azul”

(“The Blue Rose”)

U.S. premiere


Directed by Oskar Aizpeolea

Aug. 21

“Lesbianas de Buenos Aires”

(“Lesbians from Buenos Aires”)

New York premiere

Directed by Santiago García

Aug. 17

“Pequeña paloma blanca”

(“White Dove”)

U.S. premiere

Directed by Christian Barbé

Aug. 16

“Positivo” (“Positive”)

New York premiere


Directed by Pilar Garcia Elegido

Aug. 19

“Sentenciados sin juicio”

(“Sentenced Without Trial”)

U.S. premiere

Directed by Eliseo Blay

Aug. 18

“Chueca: Buscando una identidad”

(“Chueca: In Search of an Identity”)

U.S. premiere


Directed by Juana Macías

Aug. 18

“La desazón suprema: Retrato incesante de Fernando Vallejo”

(“The Supreme Uneasiness: Incessant Portrait Of Fernando Vallejo”)


Directed by Luis Ospina,

Aug. 22

Venues for LaCinemaFe include the Clearview Cinemas, W. 62nd St. and Broadway (212 265 7655); El Museo del Barrio1230 Fifth Ave. at 104th St.

(212 831 7272); Highbridge Park at W. 175th St. and Amsterdam Ave.; Fort Tryon Park at Broadway and Dyckman St.; Inwood Park at Indian Road at W. 218th St. For a complete listing of films and showtimes, visit: or call 212 281 5786.

Tickets are $9 per screening, $25 for the closing-night films, or $30 for six films.

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