“Johnny and Barry” Radio at September’s Original LGBT Expo

“The Johnny and Barry Show,” a production of CNG Radio, a sister company of NYC Community Media, attended last month’s Original LGBT Expo at the Javits Center. Here’s what they found.

Batting first in their lineup of guests is Ross Levi, the state’s executive director of tourism and the coordinator of I LOVE NEW YORK LGBT. Ross, who is a regular travel contributor at Gay City News, talks about the many sweet places to visit in New York State as well as the LGBT initiative he has overseen for the past three years. See what New York State has to offer at iloveny.com and iloveny.com/lgbt. Make sure to tell them that Johnny and Barry sent ya!

Listen to the whole show at goo.gl/59Uyaa

Next, the guys talk to Jennifer Allen, the spa director at The Inn at Leola Village, a hotel spa near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, known for giving away the “Couples Pampering Package.” Johnny did all he could to win a package, but you should sign up at cngradio.com/contest to see you’re the lucky winner (Johnny was not). If you need advice on how to find that special someone to accompany you, send in a Dear Barry note to JohnnyandBarry@cngradio.com — and hope for the best!

Coming in at number three, J and B talk to Matthew Levine, director of LGBT HQ. Matthew is joined by Nico Vasilo, the author of the comic book series “Kid Riot.” Matthew and Nico talk about the amazing work done by LGBT HQ and the efforts to increase the representation of LGBT people and enhance intersectionality in the comic book industry. You can find out more about LGBT HQ at lgbthq.info.

Next, the guys talk with Megan Fackler from LiveOnNY, as well as volunteer and donor recipient Palo Lopes, who talk about the need for organ donors in this state, which ranks dead last among the 50 states in the percentage of residents enrolled as organ donors. What’s up with that? To find out more about how you can become an organ donor, go to liveonny.org and enroll today. New York needs you!

In the number five spot, we are joined by our sponsor Marilyn Karpoff of Karpoff Affiliates, a one-stop-shop real estate broker and senior move manager. Marilyn talks about how she went from being a speech pathologist and audiologist to doing transitional work with the senior community, due to a lack of patient advocacy she encountered when helping her own parents. If you have parents or grandparents who need to transition from one home to another or if you need help appraising or settling a loved one’s estate, we recommend you call Karpoff Affiliates at 212-358–8044 or visit them online at karpoffaffiliates.com. Marilyn will treat you like a person, not just a client.

Johnny and Barry also bring you the one and only Vinny Vega, who joined the show to talk about his nightlife promotions, his work as a fashion and beauty photographer, and a very intriguing product that he was promoting at the Expo, a new line of undergarment known as Butt Boosters — which is exactly what the name suggests. Vinny also shares insightful advice on life and fitness and says that if you had told him he’d be where he is today eight years ago, he never would have believed you. Check out Butt Boosters at buttboosterllc.com. If Vinny has grabbed your attention, learn more about him on Instagram @vinnyvega_nyc.

Last, but certainly not least, the guys sat down with Jimmy Star and Ron Russell of “The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell,” who talked about their weekly show, covering everything from what it’s like being recognized in public to dismantling ageism and also a bit of perhaps not so safe for work details about what you might hear on their show. “The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell” airs live on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. on w4cy.com. You can find more information about their show and the guys at jimmystarshow.com.

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