Holiday Harvest

Holiday Harvest|Holiday Harvest|Holiday Harvest|Holiday Harvest

Couture Toys, Lincoln Center’s Can’t-Can’t, Spacey’s Bobby Darrin

In this holiday season, decadence is, as a certain domestic goddess-turned-jailbird once said, “a good thing,” and no more opulent display of it can be seen than the windows at Bergdorf Goodman. Those design fags really outdid themselves this year, with more creativity on display than in most Chelsea galleries. I venture to say that the “Chocolate Fantasy” window is the greatest retail display I have ever seen.

If that isn’t enough, race downtown to the Fashion Institute of Technology’s exhibit, “The Couture Accessory” (at Seventh Ave. and 27th Street, but only through December 31). Here you will see the kind of Christmas presents some would love to give (or collect) in a show of hats, shoes, purses and jewelry, all created for the greatest fashion designers.

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