GOP-Inspired Rudeness

GOP-Inspired Rudeness|GOP-Inspired Rudeness

Pro-Lifers=Racists, Cho for president, and Gallo’s Big “Bunny”

Did all the Republicans in town exhibit rudeness everywhere?

God knows, we no longer expect that eerie sort of gentility toward one another that pervaded New York in the months following September 11, 2001. People again have no compunction about grabbing your cab or cutting in line, but bad manners really seemed out of control last week.

At Sunday’s big United for Peace and Justice protest, an exuberant queer crowd assembled around the LGBT Community Center definitely had their energy dissipated by the endless police-enforced “wait to proceed,” but we all remained calm before heading up Seventh Avenue. However, by the time I reached 33rd Street and saw a horde of anti-abortionists wearing T-shirts saying “Intolerance-It’s a Beautiful Thing,” I wasn’t having it any more. “Do you really believe that?” I asked one of those maniacs and was met with the international “Fuck you, chink” sign, as he took his fingers and slanted his eyes upward. I guess they really only want to save white fetuses.

The police, who seemed as intent on protecting these bastards as they were on menacing the protesters, urged me along without further discourse. “You’re a better man than him,” one muttered to me, in that anachronistically avuncular way these guys have when trying to be nice.

As we neared the Garden, we were met by the sight of a big, blondined, probably Texan Miss in a pink fake Chanel suit, standing in front of the arena, smirking at the crowd, holding her cellphone up for friends back home to hear our quaint outrage. “You fucking cunt!” shrieked an irate gay man, who then apologized to the horrified feminist protesters standing near him. “I just get so angry!” he explained. “How about this?” I suggested, and then led the crowd in screaming the marginally more appropriate “Drag queen in pink!” at Missy, until her smile faded and she fled back inside.

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