Dykes Say Resistance Not Enough

The Dyke March heading down Fifth Avenue on June 23, with marshals Jackie Rudin and Yetta Kurland out front.

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | As thousands of lesbians and allied women gathered on Saturday afternoon, June 23, there message was clear: resistance is not sufficient to meet the demands of the perilous political climate. According to many of the participants at the 26th annual Dyke March, people should be revolting.

Anne Maguire and Jo Macellaro of Revolting Lesbians.

That word has gained particular resonance in recent months as Revolting Lesbians have staged a number of high profile actions aimed at Rebekah Mercer, a member of the rich, high profile right-wing family that funds Breitbart News and a host of other alt-right usual suspects to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Revolting Lesbians have put a particular focus on Mercer’s role as a board member at the American Museum of Natural History, despite her deep-pocket support for notorious climate change deniers.

The Dyke March, which traveled from Bryant Park down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square, also pushed back against President Donald Trump’s recent harsh, “zero tolerance” crackdown on immigrant families entering the US.

Erin Drinkwater, deputy commissioner of the city’s Human Resources Administration.

Ann Northrop, a longtime activist and co-host of “Gay USA.”

The Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps Band lent its voice to the afternoon.