February 7, 2014

To the Editor:

What an ignorant and repulsive piece of journalism (“Critics Worry Marriage Fight Diverting Community Energy,” by Duncan Osborne, Feb. 5). Marriage equality opens up a hugely important life option for all LGBs. It can positively impact everything from mental and emotional health to income, to the prospects for home ownership, to the rearing of children. And it places all LGB relationships in the mainstream of American life. It is easily the most important battle we fight. And 100,000 same-sex couples, with tens of thousands of children, have already married, a statistic absent from this report. If it is true that “only” 21 percent of LGBs in Massachusetts have married, in just 10 years, with the option never having been available before that and with the law in jeopardy for two to three years, that only shows how important the issue is for so many people and the potential as the law endures.

If Mara Keisling and others have more important issues, no one is stopping them from working on those issues. In 2006, a bunch of activists actively attempted to undermine the marriage equality movement by signing a statement proclaiming a series of radical alternative objectives, including state recognition of friendships and adulterous relationships. Did they actually do anything to further any of those objectives? Did they form groups, raise money, go door-to-door? Of course not. Not one signatory did anything to make that statement a reality. They just wanted to rage and vent and take shots at marriage equality. Eight years later, more of the same.

Dave Saunders



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