City COVID Infections Top 40,000, with 932 Deaths

A man walks next to a makeshift morgue set outside Lenox Health Medical Pavilion on West 13th Street as the coronavirus outbreak surges in New York.
Reuters/ Eduardo Muñoz

The number of coronavirus infections in New York City now exceeds 40,000, according to figures the city’s Health Department released Tuesday morning.

As of 9:30 a.m. on March 31, the city tallied 40,900 cases across the five boroughs, with 932 deaths. At least 7,714 patients have been hospitalized.

Queens has one-third of New York City’s coronavirus cases, with 13,576. The borough also has the most number of virus-related deaths at 309.

Brooklyn has the second-highest number of infected patients with 10,904 cases and 215 deaths. While the Bronx has the third-most coronavirus cases with 7,625, it has the highest percentage of related fatalities with 230, accounting for 3.01% of its case total.

There are 6,446 Manhattan coronavirus cases with 119 deaths, and Staten Island has 2,314 infections with 58 deaths.

The city health department figures indicate that adults citywide between 18 and 44 years of age have the most number of coronavirus infections, accounting for 42 percent of all cases. Meanwhile, half of those hospitalized — and 46.7 percent of all coronavirus-related deaths — are seniors 75 years of age and older.