Anti-Gay Uproar at Staten Mickey D's

By: ANDY HUMM | A cashier at the McDonald's in the Staten Island Mall was allegedly assaulted with anti-gay epithets by David Eisler, 19, of Brooklyn who was upset about not being allowed to cut the line or obtain a McFlurry ice cream, the Daily News reported.

“I am homophobic!,” Eisler allegedly shouted at Melvin Miles, 17, the worker. “I hate faggots! McDonald's shouldn't hire faggots!”

Eisler left and returned two hours later, again reportedly shouting at Miles, “I don't want a cheeseburger from some faggot. I don't know why McDonald's would hire a fucking faggot. Who wants a fucking gay guy touching their food?”

When told to leave, Eisler allegedly challenged Miles to a fight. When a friend pulled him out of the store, Eisler is said to have tried unsuccessfully to punch an employee following him out.

When cops tried to question him about the incident, he reportedly lashed out at them. “Why don't you take your gun-belt off and I'll kick your fucking ass,” he is quoting saying.

The confrontation got Eisler charged with hate crimes, aggravated harassment, and attempted assault, the newspaper said. He was released without bail and denies using the anti-gay slurs.

The FDA has not reported any similar reactions to the withholding of McFlurries from people in Eisler's or any other age group.