Photos from the First Two Queer Liberation Marches

Leading the way at the Queer Liberation March.
Donna Aceto

This year is the third consecutive year of the Reclaim Pride Coalition’s Queer Liberation March, which kicked off in 2019. The first march was held on the same day as the Heritage of Pride March, but last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Queer Liberation March was the only major in-person march to sweep through the city on the final Sunday of Pride Month. This year, the Heritage of Pride March is again not going ahead in its usual format, giving the Reclaim Pride Coalition another year in the spotlight.

Folks will gather for this year’s march at 2:30 p.m. on June 27 at Bryant Park. The march will step off at 3 p.m. and head west on 41st Street before shifting south on Seventh Avenue. Marchers will continue south, head east at Sheridan Square, and conclude at Washington Square Park for a rally.

Take a look at some of the snapshots we captured during the first two annual marches:

Jason Walker and the late Larry Kramer at the Queer Liberation March rally in 2019.Donna Aceto
The Gays Against Guns contingent stands tall.Donna Aceto
Vote, resist, and sing!Donna Aceto
Members of ACT UP make their voices heard.Donna Aceto
The Reclaim Pride Coalition does not allow corporations, politicians, or police officers in the march.Donna Aceto
The 2020 Queer Liberation March placed a focus on police brutality and racism.Donna Aceto
A giant display of the late out gay civil rights icon Bayard Rustin.Donna Aceto
Rainbows, bicycles, and balloons.Donna Aceto
Reclaim Pride Coalition member Jay W. Walker.Donna Aceto
Masked-up marchers on a warm summer day.Donna Aceto
Jamie Bauer and Alexis Danzig at last year’s Queer Liberation March.Donna Aceto