7 Days of readings


CHASING MONTANA Lori Soderlind will share the tale of her bittersweet journey from the East Coast to Montana with Brooklyn locals when she reads from her new book “Chasing Montana: A Love Story” at the historic Old Stone House. Spurred by the tale of her pioneering grandparents who immigrated to Montana, and following her friend Madeleine who has all the answers, Lori quits her job, loosens her ties, and sets off into a wild frontier. Told through the honed eye of a reporter—Soderlind worked for fifteen years in the trade before becoming a journalism professor—the book follows a path of many ups and downs, illustrating the strengths of a woman confused about her identity and determined to conquer her fears. Fifth Ave. between Third and Fourth Sts. in Park Slope. Sep. 21 at 8 p.m.


CALL FOR GAY & LESBIAN POETS Ron Spurga is looking for poets to read for five minutes each in a “Homeland Security” Poetry Slam at The Bowery Poetry Club slated for November 5 from 6-9 p.m., which will be taped by a major cable network. 212-649-5131.



BIRDS IN FALL “Birds in Fall,” the amazing new novel from Brad Kessler, is a beautiful, profoundly moving story that explores a group of human beings who gather at the inn of a gay couple after a terrible crash of a passenger jet into the sea nearby. The book takes on the deepest mysteries of death and love and offers such a wise and rooted way of being with these ancient mysteries in all their splendor and sorrow. (Tim Miller)


COVERING: THE HIDDEN ASSAULT ON OUR CIVIL RIGHTS Except for tenacious Middle American pockets that are expected to crumble as soon as the upcoming generation, raised on “Will and Grace,” MTV, and “Brokeback Mountain” takes over, gays and lesbians are enjoying an unprecedented openness, safety, and acceptance. Kenji Yoshino, a gay, Asian-American law professor at Yale, in his book “Covering,” calls this a dangerous and naive belief. He demonstrates quite ably that there is an assumption among mainstream society, that gays and lesbians—and all other minorities—should cover, meaning mute or hide behavior and characteristics intrinsic to their status as minorities. (Stefen Styrsky)