War protesters hit street after Obama speech

For the 238th consecutive week, members of Chelsea Neighbors United to End the War gathered at the corner of 24th St. and Eighth Ave. on Tues., Dec. 1, to protest ongoing military activity in the Middle East.

This special-edition demonstration came immediately following President Barack Obama’s speech announcing a 30,000-troop surge into Afghanistan with a withdrawal date set for July 2011.

“I think it’s the best speech George W. Bush ever gave,” said Chuck Zlatkin, who has attended well over 200 of the weekly rallies, which began in mid-2005. “It’s so tragic to be going through this again—to hear the bromides and canards to fool the people again to accept the escalation of a foreign war.”

Carla Nordstrom (shown above at left wearing blue scarf) believes Obama’s plan will be his “undoing.”

“I think tonight, this became his war,” she said.

The demonstrators passed out literature and encouraged passersby to call the White House to complain about the surge. Asked about his opposition to battling terrorist groups in the Middle East, Zlatkin added, “I never expected the Taliban to come to 24th and Eighth.”