April 25, 2012

To the Editor:

Under the bus again (“Trans Leader Urges Restraint in Executive Order Response,” by Paul Schindler, Apr. 25-May 8). For a few, the priority is the election of the bigot who torpedoed marriage equality with “Gawd’s in the mix” in 2008. The priority of GLBT communities is equality, not the election or a grotesque “lesser evil.”

Signing the Executive Order should have been an easy thing for Obama. Coming out for marriage equality has no big risks. Very large majorities of voters favor ENDA and an end to job discrimination. A majority favors marriage equality.

So why did Obama go out of his way to refuse to sign the ENDA EO or endorse marriage equality in places like Maine and New York? Was he trying to distance himself from us the way he did in 2008 so he could get bigot votes? That’s exactly what happened.

Vote left, write in Brad Manning, or just stay home on November 6. It doesn’t matter which bigot wins, our job is to fight the bigot who does.

Bill Perdue



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