Too Much, Too Fast, Too Soon

Too Much, Too Fast, Too Soon

Gavin Newsom and Barney Frank square off on same-sex marriage and the Kerry defeat

On the eighth day of what he later would call San Francisco’s “marriage spectacle,” gay Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank stood in the city’s February night chill on the sidewalk in front of an upscale downtown Chinese restaurant called Yank Sing, surrounded by television cameras.

The name of the establishment, which translates roughly as “goat city” from the Chinese, belies the gleaming silver and white linen inside. Frank was there to add political star-quality to a fund-raiser for Democratic San Francisco Congressman Tom Lantos, but TV crews kept sending word into the closed-to-the-media, $1,000 a person event asking Frank to come out for interviews, and swarmed him when he did.

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