New Penn Station transit gateway opens on Seventh Ave.

New York City commuters now have one more access point to Penn Station with the opening of a new transportation gateway at 31st St. and Seventh Ave. on Mon., Aug 31.

The $19.2 million New Jersey Transit kiosk will serve more 80,000 travelers daily at the busiest rail station in North America, giving Amtrak, Long Island Rail Road and subway commuters an additional path to their trains.

The new entrance will specifically help NJT’s weekday round-trippers enter and leave Manhattan, as its ridership has quadrupled over the past few decades and is projected to double again over the next 20 years. That growth is evidenced dramatically in the 31,000 additional riders that use NJ Transit daily compared to 2006.

“When we improve the convenience of our public transportation system, we make commuting just a little easier for our existing customers and encourage more people to leave their cars at home,” said Stephen Dilts, chairperson and transportation commissioner of NJ Transit.

The kiosk’s entrance features artwork and a barrel-vaulted ceiling with exposed trusses reminiscent of the original Penn Station, where natural light filtered in. The vintage look is offset by the modern train information displays, signage and artificial nighttime lighting.

“This new entrance serves as a gateway for New Jersey residents who come here to work and take advantage of the city, as well as for New Yorkers taking trains to attend our universities, business trips to pharmaceutical companies, travel to Newark airport, sporting events, the Shore and other great destinations in New Jersey,” said NJT executive director Richard Sarles. “Like our new double-decker rail cars, this investment helps us relieve congestion on our system and in New York Penn Station while we construct our new tunnel under the Hudson River and a new station under 34th St.”