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Hold the Clash, Give the News

October 9, 2006

To the Editor:

I find the headline in your front page article “The Mayor Versus Mohammed” (by Benjamin Weinthal, Oct. 5-11) to be completely inappropriate and probably just as inaccurate.

The position taken by Mayor Wowereit of Berlin, in opposition to the cancellation of a Mozart opera production due to perceived security issues, was a stand taken against censorship, and as far as I know in no way reflected any publicly (or privately) stated opposition by Wowerweit to either Mohammed or his teachings or his followers.

More than enough tension and sensationalism have been created already by persons in various positions around the globe who feel they benefit from a clash of cultures, however real or imaginary that may be. There is no need for the gay media in this country to add to it.

James S. Davis


Benjamin Weinthal’s cover story can be accessed at http://gaycitynews.com/gcn_540/themayorversus.html.

What About A Fast-Food Mug?

September 29, 2006

To the Editor:

I’ve been reading your paper since it first began. I love it. It helps me keep up with what’s happening in the gay world.

The article “Center Forum Weighs Marriage Strategies” (by Andy Humm, Sep. 21-27) sparked the right note. I liked what Ms. Carmen Vazquez, deputy director of the Empire State Pride Agneda, had to say: “Gay marriage is not a moment, it’s a movement!” Great slogan! It should be on T-shirts. I’d buy one.

As a gay man, what can I do to help? Who do I contact?

Nico Boccio


Andy Humm’s story on the forum is available at http://gaycitynews.com/gcn_538/centerforum.html. The Pride Agenda can be reached at 212-627-0305.

A Pioneer Passes

October 6, 2006

To the Editor:

A very fine statement on Aleta Fenceroy, an excellent remembrance (“Our Mission,” by Duncan Osborne, Oct. 5-11). I, too, was one of her downline readers. I always managed to feel a bit overwhelmed at how much news there was. Now, without Fenceberry, I find myself digging through lots of sources, googling multiple stories on multiple topics—gay, homosexual, queer, faggot, AIDS, etc. The news keep coming, but I miss the personal touch.

Thanks again.

Barry G. Wick

Rapid City, South Dakota

The editor’s letter by Duncan Osborne regarding Aleta Fenceroy can be found at http://gaycitynews.com/gcn_540/letterfromtheeditor.html.


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