Over the past year, Gay City News has devoted considerable space to reporting and documenting the horrific reign of

terror that the Islamic Republic of Iran is inflicting on its gay and lesbian citizens. This campaign includes Internet entrapment, blackmail to force arrested gays to inform on others, torture, and executions of those found guilty of engaging in “homosexual acts” and also of gays who have been forced to confess to “crimes” they never committed.

As Doug Ireland reports on this page, July 19 marks the first anniversary of the inhuman public hanging of two gay teenagers—an act that symbolizes the anti-gay brutality of the Tehran regime.

Gay City News urges New Yorkers to join those around the world who will be protesting on July 19 in solidarity with gay Iranians, and endorses those demonstrations and vigils worldwide.

We urge all New Yorkers, gay and straight, to join the demonstration organized here by the International Gay and

Lesbian Human Rights Commission in front of the Iranian Mission to the United Nations at 622 Third Avenue, at 40th

Street, at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 19. Gay City News believes that it would be shameful and tragic if—in the city where the modern gay movement began with the Stonewall Rebellion 37 years ago—the LGBT community remained silent and immobile in the face of the lethal wave of anti-gay repression unfolding in Iran.—The Editors