Halloween Parade Returns to the Village

Spooky costumes light up the night sky in the West Village on Halloween.
Spooky costumes light up the night sky in the West Village on Halloween.
Donna Aceto

Trick or treat!

The annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade stormed back to the streets on October 31 after it was cancelled last year due to the pandemic.

Folks of all ages sported creative, scary, and even hilarious costumes as they made their way up Sixth Avenue for the first time since 2019. The costumes featured characters from classic films as well as timely outfits reflecting the modern-day world — including a duo who simply dressed up as COVID-19.

Celebrity figures of the past were also well-represented, including the late Ruth Bader Gisburg and Michael Jackson.

Angels help to balance out the scary costumes.Donna Aceto
Don’t tell Lil Nas X — but the devil is here.Donna Aceto
Keeping the beat alive on Halloween.Donna Aceto
Where’s Waldo? Oh, right there!Donna Aceto
Move over, Robin Hood. Robin Sisterhood will eat the rich.Donna Aceto
Men in Black with the big guns.Donna Aceto
A duo dresses up as COVID .Donna Aceto
The cast of “Star Wars” makes an appearance in the Village!Donna Aceto
Just look at those eyes!Donna Aceto
Lighting up the Village.Donna Aceto
Michael Jackson turns the Parade into a “Thriller.”Donna Aceto
Hello from up above!Donna Aceto
Batman — or batmen — to the rescue.Donna Aceto
Sending a message about the environment on Halloween.Donna Aceto
Public Advocate Jumaane Williams (right) — or should we say Tin Man — and his family turn into the cast of Wizard of Oz.Donna Aceto
The spirit of Ruth Bader Ginsburg lives on!Donna Aceto
Kids having a blast at the Village Halloween Parade.Donna Aceto

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