Gay Man Among Love Letter Winners

Among this year’s winners of a love letter writing competition is a gay man, Anthony Broswell, who lost his lover ten years ago to AIDS. “In the ten years since you died, I have tried so very hard to hold onto that faith in our love. The concept that we would be together again somewhere, someday, seemed easy at first. The trips to your graveside, the letters left, flowers arranged, anniversaries and birthdays marked, became rituals that enforced my commitment. The dates come faster now, but are all the more significant for me. They have become the stepping stones across some vast lake that I must cross to see you again,” wrote Broswell.

The “Love, Anda” competition, established by Henri Zimand, a philanthropist who lost his wife Anda in 2003 to breast cancer, awards winners various prizes, including a round-trip vacation to Monaco.


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