Dyke March for Black Dyke Power Storms Through Manhattan

2021 Dyke March from Bryant Park to Washington Square Park.
The 2021 Dyke March.
Donna Aceto

Thousands turned out on June 26 for the Dyke March for Black Dyke Power, which stepped off at Bryant Park and concluded at Washington Square Park.

Flags of every stripe blew in the wind and marchers held signs delivering a series of messages — including reminders of the march’s ban on corporations. Other signs read messages such as “Pride is an act of resistance,” Dyke power,” and “trans love.”

Ahead of the march, organizers outlined the theme for this year’s Dyke March, stating, “In the fight for Queer and Trans liberation, the contributions of People of Color have been systematically minimized and ignored. Since the inception of the Dyke March, dykes of color, especially Black dykes, have played an essential role in organizing. The hard work and dedication that dykes of color have contributed every year to ensure that thousands of dykes can express their First Amendment right to protest should be acknowledged and celebrated. To all the current and former dykes of color organizers on the NYC Dyke March planning committee — we acknowledge and celebrate you.”

The non-permitted march came two years after the 2019 WorldPride Dyke March, which was the biggest one ever. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s march drew a solid turnout — and it was capped off with a picture-perfect ending in the sunlight at the Washington Square Park fountain. Couples embraced and marchers splashed their way through the water to cool off on the warm day.


The vibrant energy on full display at the Dyke March.Donna Aceto
A Rainbow Flag with an intersectional message of solidarity.Donna Aceto
The crowd builds up at the Dyke March.Donna Aceto
The Dyke March is for people of all ages.Donna Aceto
Judith Kasen-Windsor with her dog.Donna Aceto
God is a Dyke! God is a lesbian!Donna Aceto
Dykes on bike barrel through the march.Donna Aceto
Colors bursting off the bike!Donna Aceto
Daniel Wolfe and Richard Elovich showing the love for the Dyke March!Donna Aceto
Celebrating the end of the march at the Washington Square fountain.Donna Aceto
The water comes down at the fountain on a warm summer day.Donna Aceto