Celebrating Black Trans History at Rockbar

Princess Janae Place Benefit
Egyptt LaBeija, Clark Vincent, Erika Lederreon Knowles, and CeCe Leon.
Donna Aceto

The community gathered at Rockbar on February 21 for a Black Trans History Month show benefitting Princess Janae Place.

The show was hosted by Egyptt LaBeija and featured a cast and several performances. Erika Lederreon Knowles, Clark Vincent, CeCe Leon, Prince Dijona’e, and dozens others were also on hand. Bryan Ellicott was among those delivering remarks.

The lively, upbeat event — at 185 Christopher Street on the west side of Manhattan — will be followed up with another event later in the week. According to Princess Janae Place, which is a social service referral organization focusing on the housing needs of trans New Yorkers, another show will take place on February 24 at 6 p.m. That event will take place at the Stonewall Inn.

Egyptt LaBeija smiles to the crowd.Donna Aceto
Erika Lederreon Knowles commands the stage.Donna Aceto
Clark Vincent enjoys the night at Rockbar.Donna Aceto
Miss Housing is Healthcare CeCe Leon waves to the crowd.Donna Aceto
Prince Dijona’e is Mr. Housing is Healthcare ’22.Donna Aceto
Erika Lederreon Knowles gestures for the camera.Donna Aceto