William & Kate, Me & Bert, Charles & Diana

History will remember July 29, 1981 as the day Britain’s Prince Charles wed Lady Diana Spencer.

It was also the day I met my partner Bert, the love of my life. Bert and I have shared a home together in Brooklyn since 1987, but we never had a fairytale wedding. In fact, because we would prefer not to have to leave our home state in order to do so, we’ve never had a wedding at all.

As with many marriages, the union of Charles and Diana did not work out, but that is no reason to gloat.

Nor do I want to rain on William and Kate’s parade, though when a Republican state senator opposed to marriage equality tells me that it’s simply not an issue New Yorkers care about, I do wonder about the staggering attention the London nuptials are drawing worldwide.

In the picture above, longtime British gay activist Peter Tatchell, joined by fellow members of the Equal Love campaign in front of Buckingham Palace, express the appropriate sentiment: Best wishes, but fair play, please.

It’s time here in New York.