Trans Woman Harassed, Stabbed on Subway Platform

A NYPD officer stands guard near the Penn Station subway entrance where streets have been closed following an early morning shooting in Manhattan New York
A transgender woman was attacked by a suspect wielding a screwdriver on June 23.
Reuters/Brendan McDermid

A transgender woman was stabbed by a man wielding a screwdriver at a Manhattan subway station just days before the final weekend of Pride Month in New York City.

Nina Grey, 27, told police she was traveling on a southbound A train before noon on June 23 when a male perpetrator began hurling anti-LGBTQ slurs at her while holding a screwdriver.

“As soon as I took my seat, in that split second, I was being called a (expletive) trans,” Grey told ABC News.

The verbal dispute spilled onto the platform at the Broadway and Fulton Street subway station in Lower Manhattan when the man lunged at Grey with the weapon, police said. As Grey pepper-sprayed her attacker, the suspect stabbed her in the forehead and the ankle, according to the NYPD. Following the incident, the suspect boarded an A train and fled the scene.

The investigation is ongoing and the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is handling the incident as a possible bias-fueled attack. No arrests have been made.

The attack is not the only local anti-LGBTQ attack as of late. A transgender man and his wife were recently slashed on the subway after a perpetrator allegedly hurled anti-LGBTQ slurs at the couple. Relatedly, a trans woman was brutally attacked by her Grindr date in the Bronx last month, leaving her with lacerations and bruises on her body.

“I just wish that all of this hate could stop. Not just in the LGBT community, but all across the board,” Grey told ABC News. “Because people lives matter not just trans, Black, Hispanic, Asian lives — people’s lives matter, and I think that’s the point people matter.”

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