February 16, 2014

To the Editor:

It was dismaying to see the word “sucks” used by Gay City News in its pejorative sense, as it was in the headline above David Noh’s delightful column on character actresses (“Character Actresses: Golden, Simard, York, and Harris on why being a leading lady sucks,” Gay City News, Feb. 5). Although the word has attained wide usage as a mark of disdain, please consider that nearly all of your readers probably suck. We of all people should be mindful of the homophobic and misogynist roots of using “suck” as an insult. An abbreviation of “sucks a big one,” the term implies that anyone or anything that sucks is “less than” or contemptible, like women and gay men. Let’s not support the hateful abuse of this wonderful word. I, for one, upon hearing “That guy really sucks,” would like to think he may be someone I’d enjoy getting to know.

Steven Rosen



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