States of Play — October 24-November 6


The battleground map can be viewed in its entirety here.

President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney continue to battle in New Hampshire; there are hard-fought Senate races in Massachusetts and Connecticut; and Maine voters go back to the ballot on marriage equality.

Florida remains a presidential battleground state as does Virginia, which also has a tight Senate race; Maryland voters are being asked to approve or reject the marriage equality law enacted earlier this year.

Ohio may be the most critical swing state; Wisconsin could elect the only out lesbian member of Congress in history to the US Senate.

Iowa is another Midwestern presidential battleground state; Minnesota voters face a constitutional amendment barring marriage by same-sex couples.

Colorado is a presidential battleground state; Indiana, Missouri, and Arizona have important Senate races.

Nevada is competitive in both the presidential race and its Senate race; Washington will vote on marriage equality; Montana has a tight Senate race.