Police Union Calls Ritchie Torres “First Class Whore”

Out gay Congressmember Ritchie Torres of the Bronx is among lawmakers demanding Trump’s immediate removal from office.
New York City Council/ Jeff Reed

The Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) smeared out gay Bronx City Councilmember and Congressional candidate Ritchie Torres as a “first class whore” on September 4 after he called for an investigation into a possible work slowdown at the NYPD.

Torres participated in a press conference earlier in the day with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams outside City Hall in Manhattan, where they called for an independent investigation into a possible slowdown in police responses.

“In 2020, we saw nearly a doubling of the surge in summertime shootings. The NYPD is making fewer gun arrests, solving fewer cases and responding more slowly to gun crimes in progress,” Torres said. “The dramatic increase in gun violence can be best explained by the dramatic decrease in gun enforcement. That’s why we are calling for an investigation to examine whether there is, in fact, a work slowdown, and to what extent has the work slowdown driven the growth in violence in New York City.”

That prompted the SBA — led by its president, Ed Mullins — to issue the misogynistic tweet later Friday afternoon criticizing Torres for his position. Their tweet included a photo of Torres being arrested at a 2017 rally against the Trump administration’s plans to cut Housing and Urban Development funding.

“He [sic] we go America this is what a first class whore looks like RITCHIE TORRES. Passes laws to defund police, supports criminals, & now because he’s running for office he blames the police to protect what he voted for. Remember Little Ritchie? Meet LYING RITCHIE,” the SBA tweeted.

Torres responded with a retweet in which he blasted the SBA as a “bona fide hate group masquerading as a union.”

“The racism, misogyny and homophobia of Ed Mullins gives @realDonaldTrump a run for his money,” Torres charged.

He accidentally tweeted at the Small Business Administration in his tweet, but Torres followed up with a correction that included the SBA’s official Twitter account, adding “I intended to refer to the NYC hate group, not the small business agency.”

The accusations that Torres and Adams made of a possible police slowdown were also critiqued by the Police Benevolent Association on Twitter — although their response to Torres was far less caustic.

They intimated that the City Council’s vote to defund the NYPD was partially to blame for the rise in shootings. Torres had supported the budget on June 30, which purportedly shifted a billion dollars away from the NYPD — though that figure is disputed.

“Should be a short investigation: 2000+ retirements and resignations this year, ZERO new cops hired since Jan., hundreds of millions in overtime funds cut, and a raft of new laws that killed proactive policing. What did you think would happen?,” the PBA tweeted.

Torres, in replying to the PBA tweet, referenced an Independent Budget Office report that indicated the NYPD would likely exceed the overtime cap by $400 million.

“You feel hamstrung by a cap that exists only on paper? I wish there were a cap on the @NYCPBA’s endless excuse-making and self-pity,” Torres said.