Rachael Rapinoe, Thank You For Coming out

Rachael Rapinoe is the sister of Megan Rapinoe.

In this week’s episode of the Gay City News podcast “Thank You For Coming Out,” creator and host Dubbs Weinblatt (they/ them) welcomes Rachael Rapinoe (she/her).

Rachael won an NCAA national championship with the University of Portland in 2005, played pro soccer in Europe in 2010, and eventually retired to pursue her passion in the health and fitness industry. Leveraging her BS in Life Sciences and MS in Health & Exercise, Rachael went on to build a top performance training company & lifestyle apparel brand with her sister, US Soccer star Megan Rapinoe, both in Portland and nationally. Training thousands of players across the US, from youth to the professional level, Rachael’s trusted training methodologies and brand made her a highly sought after performance coach. After working for the University of Portland women’s soccer team as the head performance coach, Rachael left to co-found Mendi — a sports cannabis brand improving athletes’ lives using nature’s best tools. She continues to apply her expertise in training, competition, and recovery in an effort to better understand the role recovery has in performance and the human body. With her network of influential athletes and passion for competing, Rachael is shaping Mendi’s products and business to build a brighter future for sports by keeping athlete health and inclusivity at the forefront.

As queer people, we are constantly coming out, and each coming out story is unique in its blend of humor, heartache, worry, and wonder. “Thank You For Coming Out,” inspired by Dubbs’ beloved live comedy show of the same name, pairs them as host with lesbian, gay, trans, bi, non-binary, and more members of the queer community to discuss their coming out stories.

Listen in to our latest incredible journey into the LGBTQ communities’ vulnerable and often hilarious stories of coming out.