Newlywed Gay Glamour, Supporting LGBT Youth Share Stage on “Bare” Opening Night

The opening night curtain call for the cast of “Bare” at the New World Stages on December 9. | MICHAEL T. LUONGO

A new production of “Bare,” a rock musical that attracted a cult following in earlier incarnations, opened at the New World Stages on December 9, with a splashy afterparty at the Out Hotel on West 42nd Street.

Brad Altman Takei and George Takei. | MICHAEL LUONGO

The show tells the story of a group of Catholic high school students confronting a variety of adolescent issues –– from pre-marital sex to first gay love, drug use, and the suicide of one among them.

Newlywed gay glamour was an evening highlight. Brad Altman Takei and George Takei, who played Sulu on “Star Trek,” MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts and husband Patrick Abner, and playwright Terrence McNally and husband Tom Kirdahy were all at New World Stages for the opening.

Adding gravitas to the opening night festivities was the family of gay Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide in 2010 following harassment from his freshman roommate.

Jane Clementi, Tyler’s mother, said she had seen the play four times.

“Each time I see it, I see a different perspective,” she told Gay City News. “And it has many different themes young people can relate to –– the gay kids, the girls, even the sister with her drug issues.”

Brian, Joseph, Jane, and James Clementi. | MICHAEL LUONGO

Steven Guy, executive director of the Tyler Clementi Foundation, which promotes safe environments for LGBT youth in schools, homes, churches, and online, called the play, “a conversation starter,” adding, “It’s something Jane and I think is good for parents, kids, churches, many different kinds of groups can benefit by seeing it.”

Clementi further reflected, “I think one of the important messages of the play is that things shouldn’t be kept secret. You see it in the characters, what it does to them. Secrets, they eat you up inside. This is an issue that is relevant for me that we need to get behind.”

The Clementi family will hold a TalkOUT, with a special ticket offer, following the December 12 performance, as will the cast of “Bare” after the December 19 show.

For more information on the Tyler Clementi Foundation, visit

“Cast” director Stafford Arima, Jon Hartmere and Lynne Shankel who wrote the book and lyrics, and choreographer Travis Wall. | MICHAEL LUONGO

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“Bare” star Jason Hite. | MICHAEL LUONGO

Tom Kirdahy and Terrence McNally. | MICHAEL LUONGO

Thomas Roberts and Patrick Abner. | MICHAEL LUONGO

The Cast of “Bare” at the opening night afterparty. | MICHAEL LUONGO