Nats Getty Comes Out As Trans and Non-Binary

Nats Getty, the spouse of YouTube star GiGi Gorgeous, has come out as transgender and non-binary.
Instagram/Nats Getty

Nats Getty, the long-time partner of transgender YouTube star and socialite Gigi Gorgeous, came out as trans and non-binary.

Getty, a 28-year-old international model and artist, made the announcement via Instagram on January 20. Getty revealed their flat chest alongside a topless photo of the couple. Getty’s flat chest is a result of a gender-affirming procedure known as top surgery.

“This surgery is something I wanted for years,” they wrote in an Instagram post. “And I can’t believe I will finally have the chest I always dreamed of.”

Gorgeous who has been dubbed the “queen of coming out” said that she is proud of her spouse. The couple has been together for over three years and got married in 2019.

“I can’t even begin to express how happy, proud, and in awe, I am of you, Nats,” Gorgeous wrote alongside the couple’s Instagram photo. 

Getty’s journey is documented in a 16-minute video on Gorgeous’ YouTube channel. Viewers get a glimpse into the process of preparing for the surgery, including their pre-op appointment as well as their results after the procedure. In the video, Getty said they are open to all pronouns.

While Getty’s announcement is significant, they are still an outlier within a community that has been historically targeted. Getty is a white person, yet, Black and Latinx people make up a large portion of the transgender community. Getty also comes from a family worth more than $5.4 billion, reports the Sun. Research shows that many trans people continue to live at or below the federal poverty level, according to UCLA’s William’s Institute, a policy think-tank.

In the post, Getty, who is also an LGBTQ rights activist, acknowledged their privilege and vowed to fight on behalf of the community.

“To my trans brothers and sisters and non-binary family: I am here for you, I am here with you and I love you,” they wrote.

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