Montreal’s Out Games—A Photo Essay

Two gold men from Cirque du Soleil perform; the competition’s medals are hung from the Bank of Montreal in the heart of the city’s gay village on St. Catherine Street; and tennis star Martina Navratilova, Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay, and Canadian Olympic Medal-winning swimmer Mark Tewksbury speak at the Opening Ceremonies.
Philippe Bocher, a Frenchman who now lives in Montreal, swims for that city’s team, but was unhappy with his initial performance at the Games. Noela Ferch and Beth Nyman came from Sydney for Women’s Dance Sport and received Bronze medals. Ulrike Lunacek, a Green Party member of the Austrian Parliament and the highest-ranking lesbian official there, spoke at the Human Rights Conference and also swam in competition.
Though Austria currently has a rightist government, she successfully pressed her nation’s consulate in Montreal to host a reception for visiting athletes to keep gay issues in their minds. Till Scheurle, a tennis player from Stuttgart, Germany, said he chose Montreal’s Out Games