Gays Against Guns Joins the Soul Box Project in DC

The Gays Against Guns crew alongside the Soul Box team on the national mall.
Donna Aceto

Members of Gays Against Guns traveled to Washington, DC, on October 17 to work alongside the Soul Box Project, which is a group that collects and displays hand-folded origami boxes to bring attention to gun violence in the United States.

Soul Box Project’s features more than 200,000 “soul boxes” representing individuals who have died due to gun violence throughout the last three years.

During the weekend demonstration, members of Gays Against Guns also stumbled upon stenciled messages from another anti-gun violence organization known as Take Concrete Action.

Just a small fraction of the “soul boxes” signifying those lost to gun violence.Donna Aceto
More of the colorful soul boxes on display.Donna Aceto
Members of Gays Against Guns stand by at their booth.Donna Aceto
Take Concrete Action sends a message about the impact of gun violence.Donna Aceto
More of Take Concrete Action’s work scrawled on the ground.Donna Aceto
The death toll of gun violence across the country is evident in the overwhelming number of soul boxes on display.

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