New characters and more drama in Season 6 of “Elite”

André Lamoglia speaks to Manu Ríos in "Elite."
André Lamoglia speaks to Manu Ríos in the latest season of “Elite.”
Donna Aceto

The steamy, soapy teen drama, “Elite,” with its latest class of LGBTQ students at Las Encinas, returns November 18 to Netflix. Fans of this hot hit series will surely be eager to see what is in store for their favorite returning characters.

This season picks up on some storylines from last season while also introducing new characters and plenty of drama, drama, drama. (Only the first three episodes were available for preview.) The opening scene features a crime, which is part of the series tried and true formula. While Season 6 doesn’t not feature an investigation as earlier seasons did, there are some suggestions hinted at who committed the crime and why the incident in question occurred. (It would spoil things to reveal either the victim or circumstance).

To recap, Benjamin (Diego Martín), the disgraced principal from Las Encinas, is in jail following crimes he committed in Season 5. He tells his daughter Ari (Carla Díaz) that she and her siblings, Patrick (Manu Ríos) and Mencia (Martina Cariddi), must go back to school — despite the gossip surrounding the family — or they will be cut off.

Patrick is currently dating Iván (André Lamoglia), son of the famed soccer player Cruz (Carloto Cotta), even though Patrick had a kind of fling with Cruz last season. While Iván insists he’s “got Patrick’s back,” Patrick is self-sabotaging his relationship with Iván. Things get more complicated when Cruz enlists Patrick’s help to protect Iván from discovering something unpleasant. This is an issue because Patrick is trying not to keep secrets from his boyfriend. But Cruz is motivated to be a better dad for Iván — even if that means making difficult choices and suggesting Iván move in with Patrick. “Elite” handles this subplot, which features an act of homophobia, well.

Another storyline from Season 5 involves Isadora (Valentina Zenere), the Ibiza empress, opening her fabulous new club. While she throws a lavish party — as is par for the course with “Elite” — she does suffer some PTSD, having been raped last season. How she grapples with the aftermath of her sexual abuse is a focus this season. A nice sequence has her friends coming over to check in on her, even if it devolves into a drug-fueled party where all the teens strip down to their underwear. While this development prompts series newcomer Rocio (Ana Bokesa) to proclaim that nudity offers, “no secrets or danger, just truth,” the show’s skin content in the first three episodes is restricted to a few showers in the background in the school’s locker rooms.

Rocio has a pivotal role in one of the storylines in Season 6, but another character, Nico (transgender actor Ander Puig), plays a trans character in the series’ most welcome development. Nico catches the eye of Ari, but she puts her foot in her mouth whenever she speaks to him. Nico’s character is smartly written, and he calls Ari on her efforts to be “woke” while also educating her on how to be respectful — especially when she takes him to a gay club in an effort to get to make Nico more comfortable because she wants to get to know him better.

Nico’s is one of several characters in the series who defies the expectations of others. Didac (Álvaro de Juana) is another, a young man who works at Isadora’s club until she has him fired. He ends up proving some allegiance to Isadora that shows how they misjudged each other. A relationship between them looks likely as the series progresses.

Another new and disarming character is Sara (Carmen Arrufat), an influencer who makes a remark about Benjamin’s children, which generates Mencia’s ire, but there is some sexual between them, too. When Mencia meet Sara’s boyfriend Raúl (Álex Pastrana) she initially seems attracted to him but later develops some concerns about him. Unbeknownst to Mencia, Sara and Raúl are into S&M, which indicates some kinky sex may be featured in later episodes.

Sara also changes her mind—and loses a significant number of followers—when she learns the truth about something she posted, showing that the characters are capable of change and growth. Several characters make some public declarations that alter their lives in each episode, which is why the series is so juicy.

“Elite” certainly gets points for diversity this season, with the inclusion of Nico as well as Rocio and the return of Bilal (Adam Nourou), who was introduced last season and returns to work for Isadora’s club and hooks up with a lead character in one sex scene. But the extreme privilege which is part of the fun of the series is as excessive as Ari’s drinking. (Viewers could have quite a drinking game if they imbibe every time Ari takes a sip of an elephantine gin and tonic.) The fashions are fabulous—Patrick and Iván are always dressed to the nines—and the parties never seem to end—so much for schoolwork! The elements make “Elite” enjoyable, but they are perhaps, starting to wear thin.

While the teens are acting like adults, many parents are acting like teens. Isadora’s mother, in particular, is insensitive to her daughter’s loneliness and struggles, which give Isadora a “poor little rich girl” vibe that is meant to engender sympathy. Cruz is nobly trying to improve his parenting skills, while there is a nice moment where Nico’s mother expresses her concern that her son will get hurt.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out, but the first third of the season certainly whets the appetite for what is to come.

“Elite” Season 6 | Available on Netflix November 18